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By: LINDA PRESTON, Wed Mar 7th, 2007

Do you feel as if your relationship is under threat from a female around you? Do you suspect this person is making advances towards your lover? Would you like to know a powerful spell to discourage her unwanted attentions? Read on and discover how:

First,be assured this spell will cause no harm to the person in any way.

This spell requires just a few herbs which will be used to make a "go away" powder, a red candle,three sugar cubes and a photograph of the person whose intentions you wish to discourage (If you cannot obtain a photograph sketch a rough outline of their image and write their full name on the drawing)

Now take the photograph and smear it with butter or oil, wrap it in a black cloth and set it aside.

Next add the following ingredients to a saucepan

*** A teaspoon of chilli powder *** A teaspoon of black pepper *** A teaspoon of paprika powder *** A teaspoon of cayenne pepper

Dry roast the spices together on your cooker for a brief moment using maximum heat being careful not to burn them. When the spices have cooled, place the mixture in a jar.

Position the photograph on the floor, remove its black cloth and place a small red candle next to it. Using the "go away" powder, draw a circle around the photograph, light the candle and whisper the following chant thirteen times.

"Leave my lover alone and find thee another"

The charm must then remain in place until the candle has burned out. Once this has happened take the photograph to a place of running water (stream or river) and toss it in followed immediately by the sugar cubes.

This spell has been known to work very effectively in discouraging predatory females. Use it when nothing else has worked and regain the power in your relationship

copyright Linda Preston 2007

About the Author

Linda Preston works as a professional psychic and has been featured positively in national women's magazines and also as an expert guest on the paranormal on various radio shows. She practices white magic and can be contacted for email readings at her website http://www.psychicreadingsbylinda.co.uk

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